getting started

follow these easy, step-by-step instructions to create your visual menu

Step 1) Sign in using your recently create login details at this link

Step 2) Click the VENUES page and click your venue title – or click here

Step 3) Give your first menu a title

Step 4) Click ADD ROW to create menu items then upload image (if applicable) title, description, price. Repeated as needed

Step 5) If you have a second menu, e.g. Lunch, fill in the title of the second menu. Repeat for up to four menus

Step 6) Fill in the ‘Order Instructions’ and order contact details

Step 7) Ensure the venue address is address

Step 8) Upload a ‘Feature Image.’ This is the image that will represent your business at the top of your menu and in our directory (coming soon)

Step 9) When finished, scroll to the top right of the page and click ‘PUBLISH’

Step 10) Copy the link (permalink) at the top of the page to share it via your website and social media accounts.

Any Questions?
Feel free to send through an email and one of our team will be in touch.